Email Marketing Tips for Times of Disruption

During this time, email marketing goals and practices are changing for people around the world. We created a simple set of tips that will help you update your email marketing plans and content in this challenging time.

Crisis Communication

The first step is to develop crisis messaging for your organization. It’s important to clearly inform your members, clients, or customers about any changes that will impact them. Towards this end, we added 3 new Crisis Communication drag and drop email templates to your Critical Impact account last month to help you communicate throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Use these templates to clearly inform your subscribers of any important changes. However, don’t feel like you need to send your subscribers an email just for the sake of acknowledging the outbreak. If you don’t have anything essential or urgent to share with your subscribers, it may be better to simply create a short social media or blog post.

Evaluate Existing Automations

Take a moment to look at any email automations that you have actively running. For example, do you have any messages set up to encourage subscribers to visit your store, restaurant, bank, or other locations that are closed right now? Did you set up a series of messages to send after a conference, that had to be canceled? Are you sending new subscribers emails that offer special deals or services that you can’t currently book or fulfill? If so, you may need to temporarily pause these triggered messages or create new content that would be more appropriate.

Also, do you have any re-engagement messages that are sent to subscribers when they haven’t opened a message from you recently? These types of messages could potentially appear insensitive if the subscriber hasn’t been checking their email as often due to being sick or having to take on more responsibilities like home-schooling their children. Instead, you may want to consider adjusting the wording of any re-engagement messages to add more empathy and understanding.

Carefully Constructed Content

When a crisis occurs, your marketing content or promotions may need to be altered. Many will see events rescheduled or cancelled. Communication may lean more heavily on email than face-to-face print materials. So what’s the best way to respond? It will depend on the needs of your team and the needs of your subscribers. You’ll need to make the best judgement call you are able to in this confusing circumstance.

It’s important to empathize with your subscribers who may be experiencing difficulties that prevent them from following their normal routines. You may need to tone down the messaging to prevent coming across as disrespectful. If you’re unsure what content would be sensitive to your subscriber’s needs, try to place yourself in their shoes. What information could help them know they’re not alone or help ease their tension? In general, carefully choose your wording and tone to give a clear and calm message. Your subscribers will appreciate transparency, especially in times like this.

We hope you found this article helpful as we all work to navigate the COVID‑19 pandemic together.

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