collect emails, registrations, orders, survey responses, and more

from signup to loyal subscriber, keep your audience engaged and collect the key information you need to know

capture audience details with easy-to-build forms

Collect signups, demo requests, event registrations, and more – our form tool makes it quick and easy to start capturing leads and collecting new subscribers instantly. Just design your form and then you’re you’re ready to share it in your emails, social media, and PPC ads.

Prefer to use your own custom form code? That’s fine too – just add our embedded code to your existing form and you’re all set. You can add your brand colors, input fields, images, and more.

engage your users with surveys and polls

Use our drag and drop builder to design surveys and polls with a wide range of questions types to gather the data you need. Customize your surveys to match the look and feel of you brand by adding your colors, logo, messaging, and more.

Send the survey directly to your subscribers in an email and then instantly collect results with our response tracking engine – eliminating the need for a separate survey tool!

Grow your valid opt-in subscriber list
Increase lead conversions for KPIs
Get tangible data to use for effective decision-making
Maximize retention and loyalty with your finger on the pulse of customer satisfaction levels

grow your email list

Use forms to offer website visitors a free helpful resource in exchange
for their email address and other details.

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Turn visitors from ads,
social media, referrals and more into engaged subscribers and interested prospects.

Dynamic lists are defined by rules which determine which subscribers should be included on the list. The list is built “dynamically” by Critical Impact based upon those rules. Any subscriber who meets the criteria of the dynamic list will be included at the time of sending.

Geo-Targeting segmenting of your lists pulls in everyone who opened or clicked your email in a specific region. Target subscribers who live within a certain mile radius of a zip code, to make sure that your emails are going to the right audience.

Dynamic Content will energize your open- and click-rates by including dynamic content rules within your message templates! Just insert a “dynamic content rule” into your template and each subscriber who matches that rule will see their personalized content. Dynamic content will help you leverage data like purchase history, website browse activity, email interactions, and even your CRM data.

design high-converting landing pages

Landing pages are key to growing your email list and keeping your subscribers engaged.

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Ready to send a form to your subscribers? Well, it’s not as easy as simply emailing them the form! This is because fillable forms require Javascript to work, but most email clients (e.g. Outlook, Gmail) don’t support Javascript. That’s why you’ll need to host the form on a page on your website – also called a landing page – and include a link to this landing page in your email.

send special offers to subscribers

Rewarding your customers is an important way to ensure subscriber retention.

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You’ve got an engaged email list and want to offer them a deal on your
product or service – it’s time to send them to a landing page with your
offer, win-back, and upsell message. You’ll be able to track which
subscribers visited your landing page, who filled out the form and who
didn’t, and even send additional targeted follow-up emails to convert
more leads.


ensure compliance every
step of the way

No need to worry about data protection and privacy – use our form-builder to ensure your emails are compliant with GDPR, CASL and CAN-SPAM anti-spam legislation; and stop spam-bots from infiltrating your list with field validation and reCAPTCHA options.

GDPR Compliant