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Our intuitive email marketing software to help you save time and build lasting relationships with your subscribers.

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power of email

Email marketing consistently delivers one of the highest returns on investment of any marketing channel. Use regular emails to engage your target audience, build meaningful relationships, drive sales, and more. Our powerful analytics make it easy for you to collect key information about your subscribers to inform your marketing strategy and grow your brand.

straight-forward software and
a dedicated support team

As a business owner or marketing lead, you’re super busy and don’t have time for complicated tools. Our email software is intuitive and easy to get started with, whether you’re sending the very first emails to your list or you’re switching from another platform. Running into roadblocks? Just get in touch with our support team and we’re happy to help you get set up!

email marketing has the highest ROI of any marketing channel
email is 40% better at lead conversion than social media marketing
email marketing revenue is projected to be 10.89 billion in 2023
daily email traffic is expected to increase to over 375 billion by 2025 - email marketing isn’t going away, it’s growing.

Reliable Inbox Preview Testing

reliable inbox previews

Use our comprehensive inbox preview tool to make sure your emails look as you intended no matter what devices, browsers, and email clients your subscribers use. View 50+ combinations of the most common email clients and devices with a single click.

Template Library

ready-to go templates

Save time on email creation and skip the cost of hiring a designer with our library of professionally-designed email templates. Browse templates by theme, subject, layout, and more and easily add your branding. All templates are responsive and mobile-friendly so your emails will look great on all devices.

intuitive drag and drop builder

Design beautiful, mobile-responsive emails in minutes with our drag and drop builder, no coding required. Just select a structure, write content, add your branding and your email’s ready to go. Add optional further customization with HTML and plain text – and hit send to see your campaign ROI climb!

advanced list segmentation

Running a special deal for customers in Scottsdale, Arizona? Want to send an email only to subscribers who opened or clicked on your last email?

Use advanced list segmentation to send hyper-relevant emails to your audience.

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Our Dynamic List Generator instantly creates a list of subscribers based on your unique requirements. Send specific emails to subscribers based on data like their purchase history, website activity, email interactions, CRM data, and more.

For example, you can use geo-targeting to send emails to subscribers in a specific region letting them know about local deals, products, events, and more.

Or try using dynamic content in your emails to send personalized content to different subscribers – all within the same email!

A/B Testing

learn with A/B testing

Stop guessing what makes your email subscribers tick and eliminate the back and forth with real data. Simply create a hypothesis, set up your A/B test, hit send, and see what happens!

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What’s email A/B testing?

Email A/B testing (also known as split testing) tells you what content is most effective for your subscribers. For example, you can test out different subject lines, messaging, offers, designs, and more.

When running an A/B test, you’ll create two different versions of your email to send to a portion of your list. The rest of your subscribers receive the ‘winning’ email, and you can watch the sales roll in.

Dynamic Content

dynamic content

Energize your open and click-rates by including dynamic content rules within your message templates! Just insert a “dynamic content rule” into your template and each subscriber who matches that rule will see their personalized content.

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Dynamic content will help you:

  • Leverage data like purchase history, website browse activity, email interactions, and even your CRM data.
  • Target subscribers who have opened and clicked from a specific region and show them tailored regional content.
  • Personalize content based on subscriber preferences or shown interests.