streamline your workflow with easy integrations

save time and unlock your emails’ potential with powerful add-ons

leverage integrations for powerful customer insights

Email marketing automation and campaign platform integrations are invaluable for gaining insight into your subscribers’ journeys. Incorporate additional SaaS tools into your email workflow to leverage CRM and website data, and to trigger personalized communications like empty cart reminders, registration reminders, and so much more.

identify email KPIs and optimize future sends

Our integrations will help you understand the data behind your emails and what makes your subscribers buy. For example, use our Google Analytics integration to learn about your subscribers’ interests and behaviours so you can create personalized, targeted communications. Leverage your email data to inform your overall marketing strategy and achieve your top KPIs.


google analytics

E-Commerce integrations

e-commerce integrations

Already using Zapier for integrations? Perfect! Simply point your Zaps our way and we’ll handle the rest. The Zapier integration model is ideal for those who want to integrate once and then choose from over 200 eCommerce apps that are already integrated into the Zapier ecosystem.

Integrate with Facebook to 
grow your list

integrate with facebook to
grow your list

Add a signup box to your company Facebook page to allow visitors to subscribe to your email list directly from Facebook. These subscribers will be added to the appropriate subscriber lists in your account.

Segment your audience with Google Analytics

segment your audience with google analytics

With our Google Analytics integration, it’s easy to see a subscriber’s journey from an email message to your website. By utilizing the power of this integration, you’ll discover richer tracking data, understand customer experiences, and create strong sales leads.

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Use our Google Analytics integration to:

  • Add new goals and associated triggers
  • Send a measurement of an event to Google Analytics
  • Create a Measurement
  • Send a measurement of an event to Google Analytics
  • Run Reports on your Analytics Data

Search and update your goals
And lots more!

Easily integrate with Salesforce

easily integrate with salesforce

Our integration with Salesforce lets you use your CRM data to power personalized, relevant communications. Deploy large-scale email campaigns to your Salesforce leads and contacts without ever leaving the comfort of a familiar graphical interface.

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Use our Salesforce integration to:

  • Send mass email campaigns to your Salesforce reports
  • Email activity history will appear in Salesforce records
  • Eliminates syncing issues caused by other platforms
  • Send “on-behalf of” campaigns using the “record owner” name and more!