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Automation Builder

Easily create powerful email workflows that engage, nurture and retain your subscribers.
Advanced Automation

Advanced List Segmentation

Dynamic lists are defined by rules which determine which subscribers should be included on the list. The list is built “dynamically” by Critical Impact based upon those rules. Any subscriber who meets the criteria of the dynamic list will be included at the time of send.

  • Send to active subscribers who have opened or clicked on any message in the past 30 days.
  • Segment subscribers by custom fields like “city” and dynamically select subscribers who are from a specific location.

Advanced List Segmentation

Email Subscriber Scoring

Our subscriber scoring algorithms will mine your data to quickly identify those subscribers who are most likely to read your next email, consume additional emails, or make another purchase.

Put this new information to work by launching additional campaigns in a highly targeted manner and watch your results soar!

  • Easily identify which subscribers are ready for sales interaction.

  • Build excitement for an event with a series of messages.
Subscriber Scoring
Filter Bot Clicks

Bot / Spam Filter Identification

Many email platforms are unable to distinguish between a real click and a “false click” coming from a “bot” or email anti-spam tool. Do your click performance numbers look abnormally high in other email platforms? Enable Click Filtering in Critical Impact to filter out all the “false” clicks you would normally see in other email providers.

  • Our proprietary system will help identify subscriber clicks that weren’t initiated by a human.

  • You can then easily filter out these subscribers in subsequent sends, so you’re only sending to “real” people.

Dynamic Content

Energize your open and click rates by including dynamic content rules within your message templates! Just insert a “dynamic content rule” into your template and each subscriber who matches that rule will see their personalized content. Dynamic content will help you leverage data like purchase history, website browse activity, email interactions, and even your CRM data.

  • Target subscribers who have opened and clicked from a specific region and show them tailored regional content.
  • Personalize content based on subscriber preferences or shown interests.

Dynamic Content
Drip Campaign

Send Throttling & Drip Campaigns

Email throttling allows you to control the amount of email messages sent from your account. Spreading out the delivery of your emails over time can be beneficial, as it helps regulate the number of emails that are being delivered during high-traffic periods.

  • Maximize subscriber interactions with your email campaigns.

  • If your call to action is to make a phone call, throttling can help you manage responses at the call center.

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Pull Content from Website

Scrape content from a web page to send directly to your subscribers. Our platform can also pull content from RSS feed(s) to display in your messages and automatically send new articles to your subscribers.

  • Automate RSS feed content to be sent by email.

  • Scrape content from a web page to send to your subscribers.

  • Combine multiple RSS feed content and customize the order of the articles.


RSS to Email
Send Message Screen

Send Messages

With our easy to use interface, you can schedule messages to send in minutes. Select your send options all on one page, and then prevent mistakes by seeing a confirmation of all your send details.

  • Select to send messages immediately, or schedule them to send in the future.

  • Send messages with Google Analytics link tracking enabled.

  • Run an A/B test to compare two versions of a message and see which performs better.

Customizable Subscription Center

Customize the subscription center with your brand’s logo, styles, custom text descriptions, and more. The available lists section is completely customizable as well, so you can include pictures, text, and links to past examples of newsletters. You can also make the profile center public, so that you can link to it from external sites.

Customize Subscription Center

Template Library

Create beautiful, responsive emails quickly from the template library.

Responsive Designed Email Templates Newsletter

Drag and Drop Message Builder

Easily build beautiful, mobile responsive campaigns in minutes, with drag and drop ease!

Drag and Drop

Tools for Every Aspect of Your Digital Marketing

Create and Send Email Campaigns

With Critical Impact’s drag and drop editor, you can easily build and send your email marketing campaigns with less hassle and in less time than ever before. Prepare to be blown away with our advanced features and ease of use!

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