sms marketing connects with customers on the go

quickly send texts with offers, updates, check-ins, and more to keep your subscribers engaged and up-to-date

sms: the fastest way to communicate with your users

Although the decades-old method of keeping in touch with your customers has been via email, the explosion of smartphones means that today texting is a sure-fire way to get a higher response rate and grow your bottom line. SMS marketing is popular tool you can start using today to increase your visibility and stay in touch with your audience, wherever they are.

build brand loyalty with a personal touch

Send texts to welcome new subscribers, promote events, offer special promotions, and lots more. Growing your list has never been easier; subscribers can easily opt-in just by texting a keyword to a shortcode.

Already have a list of SMS subscribers? No problem – just import them and you’re ready to go.

marketers using text messages said it helped them drive revenue
texting is the most common smartphone activity
marketers reporting overwhelmingly increased revenue generation
the vast majority of consumers prefer communicating with businesses through text messages

Engage your list with SMS messages

engage your list with sms messages

SMS is one of the most convenient channels for staying in touch with your customers, and it’s also one that many customers prefer. SMS works seamlessly with other channels like email and social media.

Grow your list with SMS lead capture

grow your list with sms lead capture

Use SMS lead generation to find people who are interested in your business and turn them into paying customers through text messages. Welcome new subscribers, send live event updates, monitor responses in your SMS Inbox, and offer special promotions to those on your list.

Save time with automated SMS

save time with automated sms

Scheduled messages are pre-written messages set to send to your customers at a specific date and time of your choice. Subscribers can also easily receive immediate information by texting keywords you decide like “Help” or “Directions” for custom responses.


check out these sms numbers

  • • 60% of consumers check their text message notifications within 1-5 minutes
  • • Dollar-off discounts are the #1 incentive in signing up for an SMS program
  • • Americans check their phones an average of 47 times a day
  • • 89% read texts within 30 minutes of receiving them
  •              • 10% read texts within 30 seconds
  •              • 26% within 60 seconds
  •              • 34% within five minutes
  • • Text messages are 134% more likely to be read than emails
  • • The average click-through rate for SMS marketing is 19.3% vs 4.2% for email
  • • US SMS market projected to reach a valuation of $31.7 billion in 2023
  • • Globally, businesses are predicted to spend $50 billion on SMS messaging by 2025

*Data research from 2022, 2023

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