power your agency’s email marketing platform with your brand

expand your agency client list with your own branded email marketing platform

powerful software backing your agency’s brand

Want to offer your clients a powerful email solution under your branding, without having to build it from scratch? Have the best of both worlds with our agency email marketing platform – one of the industry’s only true white label email platforms. Make it easy for you and your clients to send high-performing emails, SMS marketing campaigns, design custom landing pages and more, all using a powerful software under your agency’s name.

straight-forward management for multiple clients

Our system gives you the flexibility to fully manage your clients’ email campaigns or provide your clients with their own custom login to view and edit their campaigns. When your clients are signed in, you’ll be able to see exactly how they’re using the platform, areas you can help them improve, and if they’re aren’t using it to its full potential (or if it’s time to hire you for additional services).

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Show your clients the results you’re helping them achieve

Export all the data you need to show your clients they’re hitting all their latest email KPIs. Run all your client reports at once with just a few clicks so your account managers have what they need to share the good news. Compare results between client accounts to inform your strategies and help your clients grow their business like never before.


Share the power of email with your clients

We know we don’t have to convince you that email marketing works – but here are some recent stats to convince your clients:

•  Email marketing ROI is $42 for every greenback spent
•  Email is 40% better at lead conversion than social media marketing
•  Almost 60% of your B2B clients prefer email for warm lead generation
•  Email marketing revenue is projected to be 10.89 billion in 2023
•  73% of people say that email is their preferred marketing channel

Sources: Statista, Wikipedia, DMA UK 2022, 2023

Agency White Label Solutions
Agency White Label Solutions

Flexible Pricing Plans

Our white label platform is a popular choice among marketing agencies for its ease of use and pricing flexibility. Don’t let your competition have the edge and increase your customer, donor or member retention.

Share the power of email with your clients.

Andrew B.
Great Customer Support Overall we have liked Critical Impact and it meets our needs for now. ☺They are quick to respond to our questions and needs. Top notch customer service. ☹At times not the most intuitive interface and also cost.
Cliff A.
Great team and product ☺We are a partner and resell/offer our customers this product as a white labeled solution. We worked them to replace a our prior partner, Oracle, and have been very pleased with the results both internally as we got set up, and externally as our customers are very happy with the product. ☹They are evolving the power of their advanced automations, which we are excited to see.
Sid R.
Easy to use and effective Cost effective, easy to use and great metric tracking. ☺Easy to set up and customize templates. Great metric tracking for all email campaigns. ☹Sometime our emails went to SPAM and mobile optimization did not always workout as we expected. I believe this is a common issue with any email platform.
Kelsey B.
Great Product, Great Support The support team is fantastic, as is the sales team. Great experience overall. ☺The software is simple and very easy to use. ☹Mobile responsiveness could be improved, but still works well.
Luke R.
Great mid-range ESP with awesome support ☺Critical Impact is a great value for the price. The software is great, but the support team is even better! They're always available to help out with questions or troubleshooting ☹It feels a little more dated than some of the competitors, but like they say: if it isn't broke, don't try to fix it.
Carla L.
Best Software I have Used This product is what is my most used for acquiring more agents and also letting our existing ones know what is happening in the business. ☺The response to my needing help is immediate and helpful. It is also easy to use and they do what they say they will do! ☹I haven't run across anything that I can add in this area.
Tina R.
Easy to use and excellent customer service! Overall, Critical Impact has been very easy to use and the customer service is always willing to help. ☺Critical Impact is very user friendly but the best part about them is their customer service. They are always willing to help and really spend time to explain things to you. ☹Sometimes it can be a little slow, especially when building lists that require more complicated rules.
Verified Reviewer
Critical Impact - best SAAS provider I have ever used For a number of years we switched from one email service provider to another. We were on Silverpop. Before that was some other provider whose name I can't even recall. All were iffy, heavy on promise but low on delivery. But once we switched to Critical Impact, I have considered our email problems permanently and completely solved. I won't even take calls from any other email provider, that's how good I feel about CI. When you deal with CI, you are dealing directly with the people who UNDERSTAND their system, who built it and run it and maintain it, not some low-level phone person who has no idea how it even works. Their system is clean and straightforward: you have subscribers, and they belong to lists. You build an email message, and you send it to a list. The concepts are clear, not hidden behind some weird pseudo-babble that only obfuscates what you're trying to do. You just want to send emails and make sure they get to your recipients, right? And understand who read it, who opened it, who clicked on it? If the answer is yes, CI is what you want. Yes, there are bells and whistles in here -- we use a lot of them, in fact. The reporting is excellent. The percentage of our emails delivered is excellent. We send a lot of emails to a lot of subscribers -- we have more than 10 different newsletters going out every week. I never have to think about CI at all. It all just works. I sleep better knowing that CI runs our email business. You will too. ☺* Customer Service is through-the-roof great. * Their system just works. No outages. No crazy updates or refreshes where all of a sudden you don't know where anything is. Simple and reliable. * Loads of reporting options and powerful features easily available * Powerful API lets you do lots of stuff from inside your own application ☹* Very hard to come up with anything negative. Hmm. Maybe sometimes their UI looks a little bit dated?
Jess L.
Great tool with excellent customer service Overall I have had a great experience with Critical Impact and their team. They are always very helpful and responsive if I ever have a question or issue. If there is a useful feature that does not exist, they are open to developing it. ☺The thing that makes Critical Impact stand out compared to similar tools is their exceptional customer service and willingness to make changes and improvements base on our needs. ☹It can sometimes run a bit slow and the logic for running complicated lists can get a bit confusing sometimes.
Austin V.
Solid Product for the Cost Overall, it definitely does the job. There were some hiccups in the process of switching over from our previous platform as we figured out where certain features were located, but overall, I am relatively pleased with the performance, especially for the price. We are a small company, but we have a lot of subscribers/send a high volume of emails, so it was difficult to find a platform that had competitive pricing that catered to our needs. The customer service is generally very quick to respond, which I do appreciate, although the way they respond to questions (that to me seem to be ones other people would have as well) makes it seem like they're either a small company or a relatively new platform-we had an issue where our ad blockers were blocking banner ads we were placing in the message editor for only certain users (had no idea this was even possible), and with how common ad blockers are, I was shocked that they hadn't run into this problem before. ☺The calendar page is very helpful to see which deployments are going out on which day, especially with multiple team members working in the platform collaboratively. The message editor was easy to learn. The ability to search for subscribers by custom fields is super helpful as well. The aggregate message metrics page for each deployment is organized very nicely and allows for exportable one-page reports. Also, exporting of data/lists in general is MUCH faster than our previous platform-it takes less than a minute for even large exports. ☹They tout a lot of pre-built data reports you can export, but many of them are not particularly helpful for what we need. It does not come by default with an option to export all raw data for an email deployment (along with custom field data), and they were originally going to charge several hundred dollars to have this report custom built. This seemed strange considering how standard of a report this seemed to me. There are also other reports that seem to only be accessible by having the engineering team develop custom reports, which I'm guessing is just a way to upsell. Also, to my knowledge, you cannot automatically schedule redeployments to the non-opens, it makes you create a dynamic list after the first deployment is already completed, and then you can customize the parameters for the dynamic list. The dynamic list feature is cool, but it requires additional steps that are annoying. It comes with a feature that supposedly filters out bot clicks, but we still see a handful of them coming through, which then need to be manually filtered out when determining metrics reports.