drive results with powerful email analytics

make informed decisions while designing your emails to increase conversions and connect with your ideal customers

measure and optimize your campaigns with data

You’ve designed a brand new email campaign and you’re ready to hit send – but how will you know if it’s successful? Whether you’re promoting an event, launching a new product, or running a special offer, the answer is – data! Get started with our robust reporting tools to understand at a glance what’s making your subscribers open, click, and buy from your emails. Use data to continuously improve your sends and you’ll be hitting your KPIs with every campaign.

actionable reporting that’s

Once your campaign’s been delivered, it’s time to generate a report showing your amazing results! Download your data in a digestible visual format and you’ll have the numbers you need at your fingertips to prove your success. Understand subscriber engagement down to the details; for example, see which subscribers have clicked on a specific product link and then send them an email with more details on that product as if you’ve read their mind.

track revenue for each of your email campaigns
identify which emails are driving conversions
improve your campaigns based on key data
track where subscribers go after clicking through your message to follow their user journey to monitor your email marketing efforts

Advertise your products and services

advertise your products and service

Target subscribers based on their website behavior; for example, see which subscribers have viewed a specific product page and then send them a follow-up email about that product.

Improve campaign performance

improve campaign performance

Use data to track and increase key metrics like opens, clicks, forwards, and list growth rate. Set benchmarks and KPIs to measure your progress and soon you’ll have emails your customers can’t wait to read that also grow your business.

Track revenue per campaign

track revenue per campaign

Track conversions, gain deeper insight into customer behavior, and monitor the values of conversions from email marketing campaigns. Easily see email tracking results that show if a subscriber clicked a call-to-action in the message, and if they then completed the “conversion” action on your website.

View subscriber activity on your website

view subscriber activity on your website

Google already tracks hundreds of data-points from your website visitors, but until now those visitors were anonymous to you. With our Google Analytics integration you can harness rich website tracking data for every email subscriber who visits your website.

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Just 10 minutes of setup, and you’ll be able to:

• Segment subscribers by website browse activity
• Segment subscribers by time on site
• Segment subscribers by goal completions
• Segment subscribers by pages viewed

Track revenue per campaign

measure email conversions to find what works

Revenue per email is one of the most important metrics to track – learn which of your emails have the highest conversion rate and drive the most sales to inform future sends. Use this data to build your marketing strategy and align your efforts with your business goals.


unlock the power of google analytics to collect subscriber data

Gain deep insight into your customers’ behavior with our Google Analytics link tracking. See where subscribers go to on your website after reading your emails, and use this data to inform your next campaigns and even send relevant follow-up emails.

All this goes to the bottom line for you!