Send SMS Messages to Your List

Send SMS text messages to your subscribers. Critical Impact’s SMS messaging allows you to:

  • Send SMS text messages to welcome new subscribers.
  • Send live updates for an event.
  • Monitor subscriber’s responses in the SMS Inbox.
  • Offer special promotions to those who receive text messages.
Send SMS Message
SMS Text Lead Capture

SMS Lead Capture

SMS messaging is a high-visibility and immediate channel for connecting with customers. With Critical Impact’s SMS messaging, subscribers can easily opt into your lists by texting a keyword to a short code. If you already have a list of subscriber SMS numbers, they can also be quickly imported onto a list.

Automated SMS

Send automated SMS messages that will be sent whenever a subscriber texts a key word to your short code. Nurture your SMS leads by sending auto-responses when subscribers sign up. Subscribers can easily receive immediate information by texting key words like “Help” or “Directions.”

SMS Text Messages Lead Capture

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