Automated RSS

Highlighted Feature: Pull Content From RSS or Website

August 20, 2019

Automatically send new content to your subscribers whenever there’s something new to share. Save time by publishing content on your website, and then automatically pulling it into an email. Say good-bye to copying and pasting the same content into multiple formats.

Set Your Schedule

Pull new content from RSS feed(s) at a set time each day, week, month, or whatever time works best for you. When you set the RSS Schedule tool to run every day at 2pm, for example, the message will only be sent when there is new content to share. You can also set how many articles you’d like to pull into the message. For instance, you can send the 3 most recent articles, or the 10 most recent new articles.

Create a Branded Template

You can automatically send new articles to your subscribers in a message formatted for your brand. Design how you’d like each article layout to appear, including the article title, image, description, read more link, etc. You can also differentiate the styles of each article. This is helpful if you want to do something like make the first article full width with an image, but the rest of the articles in a smaller bulleted list.

Customize Options

If you prefer to edit the message before sending it out, you can rearrange and edit the articles using the RSS Newsletter Schedule tool. This tool also makes it easy to combine together articles from multiple feeds into one message. You can add promotional content in between articles as well, if you have some content you’d like to include that isn’t on your RSS feed.

Pull Content From a Website

You can also scrape content from a single web page to populate a message. Have your team update the content at a specific URL and then send it out automatically to your list. You can automate messages pulled from a specific URL as well, using the Automated Message tool.

Learn More

No matter which option you select, pulling content from your website can save a lot of time and keep your subscribers well-informed. Schedule a demo today to learn more about how you can take advantage of the RSS tools in Critical Impact.