Welcome Email

4 Tips to Create Brilliant Welcome Emails

January 8, 2019

Welcome emails are commonly the most highly engaged email that you will send. People are the most excited about your emails when they first subscribe to receive them, so don’t waste this opportunity! Here are 4 tips to create welcome emails that stand out.

Set Expectations

Your welcome email provides a preview of what lies ahead. Use this opportunity to let them know what to expect from future emails and why they’ll want to open them. Continue to build excitement for your emails by entering them into a welcome message series, informing them about your association or brand.

Improve Delivery

Use the welcome email to encourage subscribers to add your from address to their safe sender list. We recommend that you add wording to the first welcome email to have subscribers whitelist your email address. This will help boost future inbox placement.

Here are some example wordings you could add:

1) For best delivery, please add [from address] to your address book or Safe Senders List.

2) Don’t miss out on future offers. Add [from address] to your address book or contact list.

3) Remember: if you want to ensure our newsletter always ends up in your inbox, add [from address] to your address book or safe sender list.

Say Thank You

Someone entrusted you with their email address, so it’s always nice to start by saying thank you. Send a meaningful thank you message, letting them know that they are now on your list. You could also include a discount code and clear call-to-action to make a purchase.

Include Contact Information

Make it clear who you are and open paths of communication by including your contact information. If you offer customer support, make sure to include phone numbers, email addresses, and support hours. This will help your subscribers know how to reach out when they have questions.

The welcome email is also a great place to encourage subscribers to follow you on social media channels, to stay up to date on events and news.

Follow these 4 tips to create brilliant welcome emails that set you up for email marketing success.