Critical Impact allows you to enhance and simplify your email marketing campaigns. Our tools let you effectively manage your email and SMS lists, send personalized and automated emails, along with text messages (SMS) for your marketing campaigns all at a competitive price model. Our subscriber scoring algorithms will mine your data to quickly identify those subscribers who are most likely to read your next email, consume additional emails, or make another purchase.

With our easy-to-use interface, you can schedule messages to send in minutes. Select your send options all on one page, and then prevent mistakes by seeing a confirmation of all your send details. Even test your email across device screens – from phones to tablets to monitors.

Our email marketing platform allows you to:

  • Select to send messages immediately, or schedule them to send in the future
  • Send messages with Google Analytics link tracking enabled
  • Run an A/B tests to compare two versions of a message and see which performs better
  • Send to active email subscribers who have opened or clicked on any message in the past 30 days.
  • Segment your email subscribers by custom fields like “city” and dynamically select subscribers by geographic location
  • Send SMS text message alerts to connect with customers, make important announcements, or offer special deals to your subscribers