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Advanced List Segmentation

Dynamic lists are defined by rules which determine which subscribers should be included on the list. The list is built “dynamically” by Critical Impact based upon those rules. Any subscriber who meets the criteria of the dynamic list will be included at the time of send.

  • Send to active subscribers who have opened or clicked on any message in the past 30 days.

  • Segment subscribers by custom fields like “city” and dynamically select subscribers who are from a specific location.
Advanced List Segmentation

A/B Testing

An A/B test is a comparison run between two versions of a message to see which performs better. After a period of time, the system automatically sends the remaining recipients the email that received the higher number of opens/clicks.

  • Compare subject lines, message content, send times, and from addresses to see which works best for your unique group of subscribers.

  • View and track A/B test statistics in real time to know which version of the message is the winner.

A/B Test
Geo-Target Radius


Discover where subscribers are opening your emails. Segment your lists to pull in everyone who opened or clicked your email in a specific region. Target subscribers who live within a certain mile radius of a zip code, to make sure that your emails are going to the right audience.

Inbox Testing

Email clients are far more strict than web browsers when it comes to HTML and CSS standards. Just because your email renders properly in a web browser does not mean it will render correctly in every inbox. Our service allows you to preview how your message will look in the inbox before you send.

  • View an inbox preview of your email in over 65 combinations of the most popular email clients and mobile devices – all with one click.

  • Mobile device previews give you the option to rotate devices so that you can see how it renders vertically or in landscape.



Dynamic Content

Energize your open- and click-rates by including dynamic content rules within your message templates! Just insert a “dynamic content rule” into your template and each subscriber who matches that rule will see their personalized content. Dynamic content will help you leverage data like purchase history, website browse activity, email interactions, and even your CRM data.

  • Target subscribers who have opened and clicked from a specific region and show them tailored regional content.

  • Personalize content based on subscriber preferences or shown interests.


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