SMTP Transactional Emails

Critical Impact’s SMTP email delivery service is designed for customers who have their own email platform or e-commerce site, but don’t want the hassle of managing large scale email delivery or IPs. Our SMTP service provides an exceptionally easy method to route your marketing and/or transactional emails through servers other than your own. Start sending emails in minutes.

  • Setup is quick and easy and involves ZERO integration.


  • To keep your sender reputation high, we’ll quickly set you up on a shared or dedicated IP.


  • We provide outstanding customer service and are eager to help you get set up and increase your email delivery rate.
  • No API hassles.


  • Once your account is set up, you can immediately start routing email traffic directly to our SMTP service. We will take care of delivering your emails to the inbox.

API Integration

Your developers can be sending emails in minutes using our fast and easy API for email.  Our powerful and easy-to-use APIs perform tasks like send a single email, send a campaign, send an SMS, push a list, download campaign statistics and a whole lot more. Choose from an extensive and well documented API library to get the specific API for the task at hand.

  • Advanced API features that sync subscriber lists, create message content, and merge analytics.


  • Send triggered emails in response to user actions such as when a subscriber signs up for a list or requests a new password.

  • Full documentation provided for easy setup.


  • Send confirmation emails to customers when they complete a purchase.


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