White Label Email Marketing Services for Agencies

April 14, 2023

 White label email marketing software allows you to remove branding and customize dashboards. The goal is to enable agencies to offer email marketing services using existing platforms, rather than developing their own solutions. There are many benefits for digital and marketing agencies to jump on board with an email marketing solution, and even more for a solution that does not have the SaaS party branding, but is totally branded by the agency themselves. Allowing for reselling to clients and helping to grow the bottom line.

Let’s dive into what the reasons and benefits are for agencies to strengthen client retention, loyalty and lead generation.

Design and control and own templates for your clients

The reason a client goes with an agency is to have solutions handled for them. This includes creating and managing their branding for all aspects of marketing. Your client using an email platform of their own will be choosing templates offered or trying to create their own.

With a white label system, templates can be created by the creative department for the client. That includes special templates (think Toyota Red Tag Days) that adhere to the colour, font, imagery and other important factors that support brands.

Expand your service offerings and up your game as a digital marketing agency

So, you claim to be a digital agency. In your service offering do you offer email marketing? Is it just teaching them how to use a mail service or do you offer a full solution. Complete with limited onboarding and with your own branding on the service if the client chooses to do it themselves?

White labeling shows you are not some small agency but one with the full service offerings.

Use your branding, including your agency’s URLs in the email marketing platform

Not only will the platform be fully branding as your own, but even the send, receive email domains, landing pages and reports will all have your own domain. Nothing says “time to just buy this service ourselves” when clients see the information and reports are mixed up with the third-party SaaS.

Provide branded reports at a low cost and high ROI

You may or may not choose to provide a bundled cost of reports, but with the ability to provide multiple reports, your ROI will be high as you already have them at your fingertips through your email marketing service provider like Critical Impact.

Faster time to market

With only one provider your agency can now have to train only one or two email marketing experts who from there on in do not have to train on every email marketing platform that clients choose. Becoming an expert marketing agency regarding email marketing you reduce costs by now creating not only a full solution, but helping clients grow their business by being a help resource (which you may or may not want to quote) if they choose to run the system themselves – with your branding.

Build and create client loyalty

Based on what we covered above, you can see how this will create less churn and better loyalty among your client-base. After all, if you know what you are doing, helping them with their marketing initiatives and showing return, why would they leave for the unknown?

Yes, the grass might be greener elsewhere, but the cost of migration to another agency or platform negates that tendency among business who understand good business practices.

No development or upgrade costs

Agencies can be notorious for ramping up a development team to provide custom made solutions. The problem here is that those solutions must be continually upgraded to compete with SaaS companies who spend larger monies and have larger teams to deliver solutions to market that an agency – regardless of size – can never (repeat never) recoup costs on. Many an agency has gone by the wayside exactly because of this.

White label email marketing platforms come with not just your branding but the full slate of the SaaS development team building, expanding and supporting your offering – all included in your initial price.

See the benefit? Now go and see about how you can transition from an internal team to a smarter solution. It’s not 2012 anymore folks.

Seamless on boarding for clients

We mentioned about being the expert and how an internal expert in your agency works to your advantage, but the onboarding is an important part to single out in this process. You can now provide and even hone your training of getting clients up to speed.

With a great service during on-boarding, the client will experience not only firsthand the value you bring to the table but cherish the advice and support you give.

Support – that is where agencies shine.


Now that you have read through the benefits of a white label email marketing platform for your digital marketing agency, you can understand the value that brings. You are not giving a list of recommended solutions but providing one. One which your investment is already understood and can me monetized across your agency accounts. One which shows that you are in the ‘game’. And one that can only work to bring your agency brand better and better presence in the marketplace.

Until next time, keep those emails rolling!

– Jim

Jim Gibbs

Jim Gibbs, Senior Account Executive at Critical Impact

Jim Gibbs is Critical Impact’s Growth Channel team lead and has been selling and closing for a long time. Jim is known to be able to sell bottled water to fish.