3 Quick Ways to Power Up Email Marketing Efficiency (Share This with Your IT Team!)

August 5, 2020

If 2020 has taught us anything it’s this:

The businesses that are open to adapting and finding new, creative ways of operating are the businesses that will successfully advance through this pandemic and beyond.

Those businesses are not only implementing ways to ramp up efficiency. By adapting and pushing forward, they’re opening up time and resources — enabling them to focus on the work that matters most to the business and its customers.

Adapt & Prosper

In this post, and in future posts, we’ll cover quick, effective ways to make creative and powerful changes to your email marketing, so that you can amplify efficiency, and in turn, redirect resources towards your big-picture business goals.

Here are few lesser-known, yet hugely beneficial, services to consider adding to your email marketing arsenal:

1.  SMTP Transactional Emails

Many of our customers have large email audiences, which means they send a good number of transactional emails like password resets, order confirmations, and invoice emails.

And, while they may have their own email platform or ecommerce site, they don’t necessarily want to manage large-scale email delivery or IPs.

That’s where Critical Impact can help. Our SMTP services allow you to route your marketing and/or transactional emails through servers other than your own. We can set you up on a shared or dedicated IP to keep your sender reputation high.

The best part? The SMTP service is extremely easy to set up and requires zero training. Once your account is set up, you can immediately start routing email traffic directly to our SMTP service. We’ll take care of delivering your emails to the inbox.

2. API Integration

If you’re familiar with APIs, then you’re familiar with the huge boost they provide in time-savings and efficiency.

Tasks like sending a single email, sending a text message, downloading campaign statistics are handled by the API. At Critical Impact, we offer an extensive and well-documented API library to get the specific API for the task at hand.

Advanced API features include syncing subscriber lists, creating message content, and merging analytics.

3. FTP Functionality

As a marketer, is there anything more frustrating than having to upload new records to your email marketing database on a continual basis? It slows you down. Impedes your flow.

This is a classic case of adjust and prosper. Let FTP technology do the work for you and you’ll prosper by having more time and less interruption to your creative flow.  

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) allows you to sync your core CRM with the Critical Impact software – which means your customer records are always up to date. It also means you no longer need to spend hours of your time pulling and uploading files.

More Power to You

Although efficiency, technology, and automation have been prized for decades, the current pandemic has underscored their importance and the need to fully embrace all the tools you have. If you’re interesting in adding any of these services to your Critical Impact account, or would like more ideas on how to boost your email marketing efficiency, send an email to sales@criticalimpact.com. We’re always happy to help!