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Tis the Season to Say Thanks and Connect with Subscribers

December 19, 2019

This holiday season, express gratitude to your subscribers by sending them a heartfelt email. During this busy time, it’s refreshing when a brand takes a moment to simply send a thank you email to subscribers and spread some holiday cheer. Here are some tips to help you connect with your subscribers by saying thanks.

Express Gratitude

Think about why you are thankful for your subscribers. For example, you could let your association members know you’re thankful for their involvement this year, or tell your customers know how much you appreciate their business. Your message will be especially meaningful if you are able to personalize the content so it’s not just a generic holiday message.

Make a Personal Connection

A holiday greeting might feel more human if you include some information about the people sending the message. For example, you could sign the message from the owner with a picture of their signature. You could also include a group photo of employees waving with friendly smiles. These are great ways to make your brand feel more personal.

Connecting with New Subscribers

It’s a best practice to always start your welcome message by saying thanks. It takes some trust for a subscriber to give you their contact information, so thank them for sharing that information with you. This can be a simple message or a special offer for new subscribers. Saying thanks is an easy way to connect with your subscribers in a positive way.

Since subscribers are the most interested in your messaging at the time when they sign up, take this moment to tell them how to help future messages land in their inbox. Ask them to save your from address to their safe sender list or address book. This can not only help the subscriber receive your messages, but also it can help your overall delivery rates and sender reputation. For example, you could say something like:

  • To help ensure delivery of future messages to your inbox, please add [from address] to your address book or safe sender list.
  • For best delivery, please add [from address] to your address book or Safe Senders List.
  • To ensure delivery to your inbox, please add [from address] to your address book or Safe Senders List.

We hope these tips help you connect with subscribers in a new meaningful way this holiday season.