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The Ultimate Guide to List Growth and Management

Subscriber Growth

You probably already know that email is the preferred and effective medium for communication. In fact, 72% of people choose email over other communication channels. However, the success of your email marketing campaigns really depends on the size and quality of your subscriber lists. To help you build a healthy list, Critical Impact offers a number of tools and integrations to grow and manage lists with ease.

To keep your lists up-to-date, it’s crucial to integrate your email marketing platform with everything else, like your other social media platforms, websites, and internal CRM systems. It’s time to integrate your email marketing with your broader digital marketing strategy to grow your lists and manage them with ease.

Grow Subscriber Lists with Critical Impact

It’s important to integrate your lead generation with your email marketing platform. Here are some of Critical Impact’s most popular integrations for subscriber list growth.

1) Website Sign-Ups

Create a custom form using Critical Impact’s site visitor sign-up tool. Once the form is generated, it’s as simple as embedding the code or sharing the link. It’s an easy way to collect email addresses from website visitors, and have them added directly into your Critical Impact lists.

2) WordPress Plugin

The Critical Impact for WordPress plugin lets you to easily embed your existing Critical Impact signup forms into your WordPress page. Use the plugin to easily add a custom form to your website and collect new subscribers.

3) Instapage Landing Page

Easily connect your Instapage landing page with Critical Impact to drive more business. Critical Impact’s integration with Instapage makes it easier than ever to build your lists and collect information from new leads and existing subscribers.

4) Custom Web Form

If you prefer to use your own custom form, that’s fine too – you can integrate any custom web form with Critical Impact using the API. For example, if you already have a web form where people can contact you, request a quote, download guides, etc., then adding a subscribe checkbox is a great way to capture new subscribers.

5) Critical Impact Facebook App

If you have a community of followers on Facebook, it’s a good idea to try to convert them into email subscribers as well. Critical Impact’s Facebook app makes it easy to collect new subscribers directly from your Facebook page. Create a form to collect email addresses from Facebook, and have them added directly into your Critical Impact account.

Easily Transfer Data with Critical Impact’s API

The Critical Impact API is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that can automate the syncing of your database with your email marketing platform. For example, you can retrieve, add, update, or delete lists and subscribers using the API. Our powerful API calls can automatically sync subscriber data from your database, website, or social media tools with Critical Impact.

Integrate with Salesforce

Engage prospects in real-time by directly integrating Critical Impact with Salesforce. The Critical Impact email marketing integration with Salesforce lets you use your CRM data to sync subscriber data and power personalized, relevant communications. Deploy large-scale email campaigns to your Salesforce leads and contacts without ever leaving the comfort of a familiar graphical interface.

The Critical Impact integration with Salesforce eliminates syncing issues caused by other platforms. Save time by syncing your contacts, leads, and subscribers automatically.

SMS Lead Capture

For those who prefer to receive SMS text message alerts, consider using Critical Impact’s SMS tool to gather new subscribers. SMS messaging is a high-visibility and immediate channel for connecting with customers. With Critical Impact’s SMS messaging, subscribers can easily opt into your lists by texting a keyword to a short code. Alternatively, if you already have a list of subscriber SMS numbers, they can also be quickly imported onto a list.

Learn More About Growing Your Subscriber Lists with Critical Impact

If you would like to learn more about how Critical Impact can help you grow and manage your subscriber lists, please request a demo.

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