Triggered Emails for Effective Marketing

Banks and credit unions alike use the triggered email functionality to send timely, relevant automated emails based on a date, like member anniversary, or a behavior, such as an email open, click, or interaction with your website through an email you’ve sent. Here’s how Triggered Emails could work for your financial institution.

Auto Loan Emails to Account Holders

How It Works:

Say a customer of yours is shopping for auto loans. They click the call-to-action in your newsletter that takes them to your financial institution’s auto loan web page — where the customer stays for more than 60 seconds.

Based on the time they interact with that page, your customer is then added to an automation that sends them more information on auto loans, and who to reach at your financial institution to review loan options.

The message is relevant. It’s timely. And, it moves the interested account holder towards the auto loan pre-approval stage — quickly and effectively.

Triggered Emails

Benefits to the Marketing Team:

  • Gain peace of mind knowing you are actively engaging interested prospects through timely, relevant communications.
  • Rest assured knowing you are providing your sales team with warm leads that are more likely to turn into sales.
  • Celebrate greater engagement and greater ROI through consistent, meaningful email messaging.

Email Marketing Software for Financial Institutions

Discover why banks and credit unions prefer Critical Impact software for their email marketing.

Financial Institutions that rely on Critical Impact:

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