Surveys & Polls for Effective Marketing

Banks and credit unions use the surveys and polls in Critical Impact to easily gather member satisfaction ratings and suggestions for service improvement. Here’s how the Surveys & Polls could work for your financial institution:

Account Holder Satisfaction Survey

How It Works:

Through the software, you can easily create a customized survey or poll that matches the look and feel of your bank or credit union. Choose from fill in the blank, multiple choice, or matrix-style questions. Once created, you simply drop the survey or poll into your email. The software tracks the responses and instantly displays the feedback for account holder records. The survey result report ensures you always have a complete and current view of account holder feedback.

Bank Survey

Benefits to Marketing Team:

  • Gain important customer insight that leads to specific marketing, sales, and service improvements.
  • Increase retention and loyalty by having a finger on the pulse of customers’ satisfaction levels.
  • Get tangible data to use for effective decision-making.

Email Marketing Software for Financial Institutions

Discover why banks and credit unions prefer Critical Impact software for their email marketing.

Financial Institutions that rely on Critical Impact:

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Houston FCU
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