Email Automation Builder for Effective Marketing

Banks and credit unions alike use the Email Automation Builder for account holder acquisition, onboarding new commercial and retail account holders, and cross-selling services and loan offers. Here’s how the Email Automation Builder could work for your financial institution:

Onboarding Email Campaign for New Account Holders

How It Works:

Through an API call or nightly FTP available through Critical Impact, your new member record from your core system syncs with the Critical Impact software database. From there, a welcome email is triggered to the new member. Welcome emails are particularly effective as the communication is timely and reaches the new member when their excitement is at its peak.

Following the welcome email is a series of pre-set email messages based on a timing preference you set to maximize member engagement and cross-sell opportunities. We’ve seen bank and credit union clients send their second email message out 14 days after the new member welcome email, then a third email message 30 days after the second email message, and so on.

Many financial institutions choose to send a series of tips to their new members, such as how to get the most out of their savings or checking account. Onboarding campaigns are a great spot to include information on other bank services and programs you provide, so that members are fully aware of all you offer.

Automated Onboarding Series

Benefits to Marketing Team:

  • Gain peace of mind knowing account holders are receiving consistent messaging throughout the customer lifecycle.
  • Enjoy greater efficiencies in time and resources having email messaging automated, and reliably sent to the right person at the right time.
  • Celebrate greater engagement, stronger retention, increased loan acquisition, and better ROI through consistent email messaging.

Email Marketing Software for Financial Institutions

Discover why banks and credit unions prefer Critical Impact software for their email marketing.

Financial Institutions that rely on Critical Impact:

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