Email Marketing Software for Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions that rely on Critical Impact:

Stockman Bank
Houston FCU
Florence Bank
Y-12 FCU

Top Features for High-Impact Marketing

Automation Builder

Perfect for account holder acquisition, onboarding, and cross-selling! Through the Automation Builder, you can run a series of automated emails designed to attract new consumers and engage every account holder at every stage of their customer journey.

How Marketers Use It:
The Automation Builder helps marketers more easily and effectively: acquire new account holders, welcome new members to their financial institution, drive new member referrals, cross-sell loan offers … the possibilities are endless!

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Automated Onboarding Series

Triggered Emails

Triggered Emails are automated emails based on a date (like member anniversary) or a behavior (open, click, website activity).

For example, if you have an account holder that interacts with a specific web page for a certain amount of time as a result of an email you’ve sent, the member receives an automation with more information on the service.  It’s the right message, to the right person, at the EXACT right time.

How Marketers Use It:
Marketers at financial institutions use triggered emails to reach leads and account holders at optimal times for optimal results — specifically when members are new, or actively shopping for loans.

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Triggered Emails

Surveys & Polls

No need for a separate survey tool. Easily gather member satisfaction ratings and suggestions for service improvement by dropping surveys and polls in your emails. Choose from multiple choice, fill in the blank, or matrix-style questions. All survey and poll responses are instantly viewable for each member record.

How Marketers Use It:
Marketers at financial institutions use the surveys and polls to keep a constant read on member satisfaction — feedback that is then used to build new programs and improve existing programs that deliver a consistent branch-wide member experience.

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Bank Survey

Why Critical Impact for Financial Institutions?

In addition to the complete Critical Impact email marketing software solution, banks and credit unions benefit from:

Sub Accounts

Keep all communications organized and easily manageable. Our financial institution clients use sub accounts to separate their operational communications from compliance updates and marketing emails. The software also allows you to easily push content to all sub accounts.

FTP & API Functionality

Up-to-date account holder records ensure more effective marketing, and operational time-savings. We offer FTP functionality and API calls to sync your core proprietary system with the software, so record information is always current.

Easy-to-Use Interface

No learning curve here. The simple layout and intuitive structure makes the software interface one of the easiest for you and your team to use.

Quick & Easy Import

Thousands of contacts? No problem. Importing your contacts is easy and only takes a few minutes.

Simple Start

No complicated onboarding process. The entire software can be learned in under an hour.

More Built-In Tools to Maximize Your Marketing Impact

Drag and Drop Message Builder

Build beautiful, mobile-responsive emails in minutes. Choose from 50+ templates. Add your content and financial institution’s branding, and you’re good to go!

Dynamic Content

Simply add a rule to your template and each lead or member that matches the rule will see personalized content. Example: If on list: “Auto Loan Interest,” Show content: “Auto Loan Offer.”

Advanced List Segmentation

You set up the rule; the software dynamically builds segments for you. Segment by leads, account holder stage, loan interest … whatever you like!

Google Analytics Integration

Track the journey of an account holder or lead from an email message to your website. From there, build even more powerful list segments that deliver even better marketing results.


What’s your top-performing subject line? How does one onboarding campaign compare to another? 40+ real-time tracking reports deliver all the actionable insight you need to optimize campaign performance and ROI.

Drip Campaigns

Create a series of email messages that get sent at pre-determined times, such as every 30 days. Great for new member welcome series and to drive activation of services like mobile deposits and online banking.

Full Feature List

  • Drag and Drop Message Builder
  • Template Library (50+ templates &  layouts)
  • Advanced List Segmentation
  • A/B Testing
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Inbox Testing
  • Dynamic Content
  • Automation Builder
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Email Subscriber Scoring
  • Auto-Segmentation
  • Triggered Emails
  • Abandoned Cart Messaging
  • Form Builder
  • Surveys & Polls
  • Web Visitor Tracking
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Real-Time Tracking & Reporting
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Oracle Sales Cloud Integration
  • E-Commerce Integrations
  • SMS Messages
  • SMS Lead Capture
  • Automated SMS
  • FTP & API Functionality
  • Sub Accounts

Email Marketing Software for Financial Institutions

Discover why banks and credit unions prefer Critical Impact software for their email marketing.