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Examine the Subscriber Journey with Web Visitor Tracking

Customer Journey

Ever wonder what your subscribers do on your website, after they click on a link in your email? Google already tracks data on your website visitors, but until now, those visitors were anonymous to you. Now, with Critical Impact’s Google Analytics integration, you can view incredibly rich website tracking data for each of your subscribers who visit your website.

See the Full Picture

Blending tracking data from multiple sources helps you view the whole picture of digital marketing analytics. For example, you may already know your click-through rate that occurred on a button in an email message. However, once you integrate your email tracking with web visitor tracking, you’ll also be able to see the other pages these subscribers went to, and if they completed the goal conversion action on your website. It’s time to integrate email and web analytics to turn your business goals into measurable outcomes.

Revenue Generated From Email

One of the most useful features from the Google Analytics integration is to see how specific email messages contribute to revenue. You can see not only the total revenue generated by traffic from a specific email campaign, but also the revenue generated per email. This information empowers you to see what worked, as well as what could be improved in your next effort. Measure performance of email channels to your website, and make adjustments to email marketing strategies to improve your revenue per email.

Segment Subscribers by Activity

Being able to see richer web and email data illuminates subscriber preferences, interests, and behavior. With the integrated tracking data, you can create a list of subscribers who went to a specific page, and target them with relevant email message content.

It’s time to implement web visitor tracking integration to more clearly see the full subscriber journey, and take actionable steps to target subscribers with relevant messages.

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