Integration Benefits

4 Benefits of Integrated Email Marketing

October 19, 2017

Integration Benefits

Integrating your CRM and email marketing platform provides a data bridge to power personalized, relevant communications. When your CRM and email campaigns are working together, you can streamline your marketing and increase productivity. Here are 4 reasons why you should be having your CRM and email campaigns working together.

1. Send More Relevant Marketing Campaigns

Utilize the data you already have in your CRM to send targeted and personalized campaigns to subscribers. Segment your subscribers into lists based on their interests, locations, purchases, and more.

2. Save Time

Eliminate the need to manually upload subscriber data. When you integrate your CRM data with Critical Impact, you can have your subscriber lists and preferences automatically pulled into Critical Impact. This saves valuable time and increases productivity.

3. Send Event Driven Emails

Send event driven emails that connect you closer to your customers. Use the information you’ve gathered about your subscribers to its fullest potential: send targeted and strategic emails based on subscriber actions or interests.

4. Keep Your Lists Clean

Once a subscriber unsubscribes or hard bounces, you can automatically send this information back to your CRM database to help ensure your database has clean data. You can also set up the integration to upload unsubscribes from your CRM to Critical Impact, to make sure you’re sending email to only active subscribers.

How Can Critical Impact Help?

With Critical Impact, it’s easy to combine your CRM data and your email communications without ever leaving the comfort of Critical Impact. Critical Impact offers integration with Salesforce, Oracle, Google Analytics, and Zapier. You can also use Critical Impact’s API to update subscribers, send messages, get tracking information, and much more. Schedule a demo and we will show you how easy it can be to integrate your CRM with your email marketing.