How to Make a Splash With Your Emails

August 23, 2017

Now that it’s August, we must face the stark reality that the end of summer is approaching. Here are 4 tips to make a splash with your email marketing during the remaining days of summer.

1. Make a Splash in the Inbox

Try sending messages with attention grabbing subject lines. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel here, you can start by looking at your email statistics for past sends. Find the subject lines that captured subscriber’s attention with the highest open rates. Critical Impact has a bunch of reports that can help you see these statistics for subscriber interactions. Utilize this information to create more messages with subject lines that your subscribers like the best.

2. Try a New Look

Students going back to school enjoy impressing friends with new hair-dos. You could take this opportunity to try out a new look in your emails. For example, you could create a new header banner image, message layout, call to action button, or some fresh content.

Make sure that your email is designed in a way that is easy to read on desktop and mobile devices. Highlight sections of interest and trim down your content so that people can skim your email quickly for information they may find interesting. These small changes could have huge impact on your click rate.

3. Ice Cream Isn’t the Only Sweet Treat You Can Offer

Consider launching an end of summer giveaway or sweet deal. Make it summer-related and promote it through emails. You could also offer a free download of information you think your subscribers would love to have. This can be an effective tool to grow your subscriber list or increase customer loyalty.

4. Test the Waters

Before we enter the busy Fall season, now could be a great time to test out new marketing techniques. Think of new ways to reach your subscribers, entertain them, or teach them new things. You may want to test out different subject lines, from addresses, or send times using an A/B Test to see what gives you the highest open or click rates.

4. Summer Lovin’ for Your Subscribers

Send your subscribers some summer lovin’ by sending personalized emails. Personalizing emails can make people feel like you care about their preferences.

Consider adding a mail merge variable to start the email off with their first name or add content that is “recommended for you!” Use Critical Impact’s dynamic content tool to show content specifically selected for subscribers with their type of interests.