4 Smart Strategies to Integrate Email & Social Media

March 21, 2017

Interlacing your email and social media marketing can be a powerful combination. Here are some examples of how these two marketing channels can work together to increase your reach.

1. Share Your Email Campaigns on Social Media

You already created great content to send out by email, so why not share this on your social media sites? Critical Impact makes this easy by providing social share options for each email campaign you send out from the platform. You could also break apart your email content by sharing specific articles from your newsletter on social media, one at a time.

2. Give Subscribers the Ability to Social Share Your Emails

Let subscribers do the social sharing for you! Include social share buttons in your email campaigns to allow subscribers to share email content they find interesting on social media. You can include links to share a specific article or the whole email content. Take special care to make it clear if the buttons are to share content or simply links to your social sites.

As your content is shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and other sites – the readership of your content will grow. You can also put sign up forms in your newsletter or article landing pages so that people reading the content will be able to easily sign up to receive messages directly from you.

3. Make It Easy to Sign Up for Email From Your Social Media Pages

A great way to increase your subscriber list is by encouraging social media followers to sign up for your email list. If people like reading your content on a social media platform, they may also be interested in reading it from their email accounts. For example, you could tweet a link to a sign up form, include the newsletter information in your company’s description, or use Critical Impact’s Facebook signup app directly on your Facebook page to gather new email subscribers.

4. Encourage Email Subscribers to Follow You on Social Media

Include links to your social media sites in your email campaigns, on your website, and in your email signature. If that’s not enough incentive, you could also send out an email campaign advertising a contest to get people to follow you on social media.

No matter how you choose to form your digital marketing strategy, it’s clear that blending your email and social media marketing plans can yield amazing results.