Announcing a New Way to Create Emails

We’re excited to share that making emails in Critical Impact just got a whole lot easier! With our new drag-and-drop editor, you can easily build emails by dragging content into an email message. Each message created with the updated editor is mobile responsive and ready to be customized for your brand.

Create Message with Drag and Drop

Choose a Template or Make It From Scratch

When customizing the design of an email, you can start with a fresh blank template, one of the pre-built templates, or a copy of a previous message you’ve built with the drag-and-drop editor. However you start, it’s easy to create beautiful and branded email messages with the drag-and-drop editor (no knowledge of HTML/CSS required)!

Customization and Control

With the drag-and-drop editor, you’ll have control over the color scheme, content, and layout of the message. This makes it quicker than ever to brand an email and customize the appearance of an email.

Responsive Design

The number of subscribers opening messages on mobile devices continues to rise, making responsive design an important part of your email campaigns. That’s why every message created with the drag-and-drop editor is designed to be mobile friendly, looking great in the inbox no matter what the screen size. This makes it easy for your subscribers to read your messages, whether on the go or sitting at a desk.

Mobile Responsive Message

Get Started

We hope that you check out the new drag-and-drop editor and enjoy the power and flexibility of the new message editor. Please contact us if you’d like this new editor enabled in your account!

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