Critical Impact for Salesforce

Overwhelmed by the task of sending mass email campaigns to leads and contacts in Salesforce? Say goodbye to the days of manually exporting and importing between Salesforce and your email marketing platform.

Critical Impact’s Integration with Salesforce creates a seamless bridge between Salesforce and your email marketing activities in the Critical Impact email marketing platform. This integration lets you use your CRM data to power personalized, relevant communications.

With Critical Impact, it’s easy to combine your CRM data and your email communications without ever leaving the comfort of a familiar graphical interface.

Built-in Integration

Once your email is deployed, real-time tracking statistics make it easy for your sales reps to immediately act upon your marketing initiatives. Open, bounce, and click-through data is available at both an individual Lead and Contact level as well as an aggregate level. These results can also be leveraged to create new reports and action-oriented dashboards for sales reps.

How It Works

  • Saves valuable time by eliminating the need to manually upload/download subscriber data
  • Send more highly targeted marketing campaigns to improve email engagement rates
  • Send event driven emails that connect you closer to your customers, improving retention rates
  • View a more complete picture of prospect’s and customer’s behavior, leading to a better understanding of how to market to them
  • Increase visibility of leads for your sales team to focus on, leading to more revenue with less effort

Get Started

You can add the integration to your Salesforce account from the Salesforce App Exchange.

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