How to Make Subscribers Fall in Love with Your Emails

What does it take to create emails that people love? Here are 5 insider tips to create effective email marketing campaigns that your subscribers will love to read.

1. Be Yourself

Creating original content for email messages can be a daunting task. A good place to start is to figure out what unique information you can offer the world.  Your job is to find what you or your colleagues know the most about, and focus on these strengths. Find ways to apply this knowledge to help your customers, entertain them, teach them new things, or inspire them to try something new.

2. Make People Feel Special

Humans crave personalized experiences. Personalizing emails can make people feel like you know them in some way, and that you care about their preferences.

Consider adding a mail merge variable to start the email off with their first name or add content that is “recommended for you!” Use Critical Impact’s dynamic content tool to show content specifically selected for subscribers with their type of interests.

Offer exclusive content to your subscribers or special deals. This can be an effective tool to grow your subscriber list or increase customer loyalty.

3. Be a Good Listener

Have you been paying attention to what your subscribers are telling you? If you’ve been sending email for awhile, take a moment to look at your email statistics for past sends. Find the subject lines that captured subscriber’s attention with the highest open rates. Look at the links clicked to see what type of article generates the most clicks.

Critical Impact has a bunch of reports that can help you see these statistics for subscriber interactions. Utilize this information to create more messages with the type of content that your subscribers like the best.

4. Ask the Right Questions

Get to know your subscribers by offering them the opportunity to add themselves to lists of interest on the profile center. Then target these lists with specific types of mailings, connected with these interests.

5. Communicate Clearly

Make sure that your email is designed in a way that is easy to read on desktop and mobile devices. Highlight sections of interest and trim down your content so that people can skim your email quickly for information they may find interesting.


Follow these tips for creating unique and interesting content and your subscribers just may fall in love with your email campaigns and look forward to hearing from you.

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