5 Tips to Design Mobile Friendly Emails

With the increasing popularity of smart phones and tablets, email rendering on mobile devices has become a crucial part of email marketing success. Here are 5 tips to help you create messages that look great on mobile and desktop devices.

1. Create a Mobile Friendly Layout

Most successful mobile layouts are reduced to a one column layout. If your desktop version has multiple columns, consider stacking them vertically on top of one another. This makes it easier for someone viewing the message to scroll down and see all the content.

2. Make it “Touchable”

Since users will be using their fingers to press buttons and links in your messages, you should think about making buttons large enough to touch easily.  A good sized click-able area is 44×44 pixels.  If you use a 32×32 pixel image, try to surround it with 12px of padding.

3. Use Short, Direct Copy

Make the message simple to read for your on-the-go subscribers.

4. Resize Images

If your message has images with a width of 600px from your desktop version, you’ll probably want to resize the images to a smaller width, such as 320px.

5. Test!

Use our Inbox Preview Tool to test how the message looks on real devices and email clients to make sure the message will look good in the inbox.

Mobile Message Editor Tips

Critical Impact’s message editor gives you the option to create a separate mobile version of your message that is designed to show only on mobile devices.

To create a version of your message that will be seen only on mobile devices, open the second tab of the message editor, called Mobile Message. Insert your content into the message editor like you would for the desktop version. Our system will automatically add the media queries to hide/show the mobile content based on the screen size of the device viewing the message.

Insert a copy of your message into the mobile message tab with the tips learned above, and you’ll be able to help your subscribers read and click the call to actions no matter what screen size they use to view your message.

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